11 Methods to Quit Smoking

Image of someone who quit smoking.

Ending your habit in smoking is difficult. While many people urge you to quit, the reality is tough. Simply going cold turkey may send you on your way to nicotine withdrawals that is emotionally and physically challenging. This is why we’re writing this blog to shed light on the importance of different ways to quit smoking. After all, one method might work better than the other.

The cost of every method ranges between free to costly. Still, there are many ways to quit which mean that if one way isn’t working for you, try the next.

Self-Help Materials – They are available in forms of videos, manuals, pamphlets and booklets. These materials will vary in availability along with their quality.

Online Programs – Programs online are available, but the quality will vary.

Counseling and Support Sessions – If you’re ready to quit or you want to stay away from the habit, get yourself into a support group. Counseling is also available when you want a one-on-one session. Contact your doctor for a referral.

Telephone Counseling – You can speak to a counselor over the phone who will prepare you in quitting. The most notable number is 1-800-QUIT-NOW.

Medication and Counseling – The best way to quit smoking is doing a combination of both methods.

The Patch – This is placed on the skin to give your body a small dose of nicotine every day. It reduces the effect of withdrawal symptoms. You can purchase this at your local drug store, and it can be used immediately.

The Gum – This is similar to the patch but chewed. After that, it is absorbed in the mouth and distributed to the body.

The Inhaler – It delivers nicotine to the user when it’s puffed. It’s similar the patch and gum, and you can use it immediately.

The Nasal Spray – The bottle’s nose piece is inserted into the nose that is then sprayed within its cavity. Unlike the patch and gum, this is only available on a physician’s order.

Hypnosis – The user is brought to a state of deep relaxation to which you are guided through feelings and thoughts. This helps in a way that reduces the temptation to resume, focus on quitting, and increases the willpower to stop.

Acupuncture – Fine needles are placed in body parts including outer part of the ears. It balances the distraught mood responsible from nicotine withdrawals