5 Easy Home Remedies to Quit Smoking

man smoking

Many users who want to quit smoking may find it difficult to stop. Because they’re bound by nicotine, it’s more than just for physical stimulation, rather a mental one too. Still, people understand that cigarettes have a long term effect that can lead to lung cancer and other diseases. This small fact is enough to scare others to run for a remedy. So, today we’re talking about home remedies on how you can easily quit smoking.


To detoxify your body, you’ll need water to flush out the toxins. So, when you have the urge to smoke, opt for water instead. Doing this decreases the cravings which can also reduce the symptoms of withdrawals.


When you’re experiencing nausea due to withdrawals, you can be sure that ginger will ease the pain. Drinking ginger extract can soothe the stomach making you focused throughout the day.


Because smoking causes a deficiency, you’re losing vital nutrients that your body needs. When you take multivitamins, you’ll receive Vitamin C, A, and E which will help with the withdrawal phase. Vitamin A can help repair the linings of the lungs that have been damaged by mucus. Vitamin E can repair cells, and Vitamin C keeps your immune systems healthy.

Grape Juice

When you want an easy way to flush out the nicotine in your body, grape juice will do the trick. Have this ready when you’re at your peak of nicotine withdrawals.


When you want any easy way to give up smoking, you can be sure to rely on honey. It helps with the cessation part of smoking, and it contains essential proteins, enzymes, and vitamins.