Red Velvet Cake – A Vapor Eliquid Review

Red velvet cake has been an all time favorite for many people in this country. It’s been the go-to cupcakes in many bakeries. And in many cases, red velvet flavors has been incorporated different types of food like pancakes, coffee creamers, cookies, donuts, cheesecake, and much much more.


For people who are not so sure what red velvet cake is (we hardly doubt it), it is a bright red or in some cases brown-red cake with layers of cream cheese icing. Its main ingredients are butter, buttermilk, cocoa, flour, and beetroot.

Now, the story of red velvet cake is actually quite interesting. Here’s the legend told by Jan Brunvand’s book called The Vanishing Hitchhiker:

Our friend, Dean Blair, got on a bus in San Jose one morning and shortly after, a lady got on the bus and started passing out these 3 x 5 cards with the recipe for “Red Velvet Cake.” She said she had recently been in New York and had dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria and had this cake. After she returned to San Jose, she wrote to the hotel asking for the name of the chef who had originated the cake, and if she could have the recipe.

Subsequently she received the recipe in the mail along with a bill for something like $350 from the chef. She took the matter to her attorney, and he advised her that she would have to pay it because she had not inquired beforehand if there would be a charge for the service, and if so, how much it would be. Consequently, she apparently thought this would be a good way to get even with the chef.

Sounds like a steep price to pay for red velvet cake right? This is why it coined its name with different variations like $200 cake or the Waldorf-Astoria Cake. Nevertheless, having the red velvet cake vapor eliquid at hand is just one fantastic idea after another.

When taking a puff of it, you’re tasting an undertone of cocoa and a hint of cream cheese icing. It’s a very interesting flavor with a true taste of red velvet cake. It’s as if you’re taking a bite of a moist piece which is quite accurate to what the cake is supposed to taste like. With Vapor Rage’s options, you can choose the portion of each eliquid from 10ml to 30ml. You can also work with strength, VG/PG ratio, and menthol. Our suggestion, try out the vapor eliquid first before purchasing!