How to Avoid Smoking Temptations

image of man standing overcoming smoking

Millions of people smoke cigarettes. And just like you, we understand the struggle of temptations. One minute you’re feeling strong about quitting, and next moment, you’re lighting another one. Many will try to quit as they strive through the cycle of relapse. Trust us, we’ve been there. The reason behind the difficulty of quitting lies beneath nicotine. You see, this addictive substance is the same reason why you’re finding yourself going through the same motions again and again. It only takes one puff to get hooked so quitting can be difficult.

Some have wondered if quitting is possible. With cravings and temptations, it might be hard to restrain yourself from caving in. But the truth is, it’s possible! The following are some ways you can kick the butt out.

Keep Your Hands Busy

Stay away from cigarettes as much as possible. When you find yourself around them, excuse yourself and do something else.

Have a plan in mind to distract yourself from smoking. Keep yourself busy as you hold something else such as your phone, or a healthy snack. Try doing therapeutic things like working on a puzzle or playing sports. Whatever helps you, keep distracted and busy.

Avoid Friends Who Can Tempt You

Smoking is more than just for pleasure. It’s a social activity that brings people together. For instance, many people take a “smoke break” after a stressful day at work. Being a part of a group that smoke will throw your routine out of the loop as peers will tempt you to smoke. They take this personally as they’re used to the behavior and routine. Instead, go for a walk to shake the stress away. If this doesn’t work, slowly avoid friends, parties, and other gatherings that invite you to smoke.

Reflect on the Good and Bad

Take a good look at yourself and see the changes that smoking has done to you. There are many cons when it comes to smoking such as shortness of breath, bad odor, lung disease and more. You may want some time to reflect on this lifestyle as smoking can give you benefits.

When you want to overcome your smoking temptations, only you can delve deep into your willpower. Make sure to tell all your loved ones about your attempt to quit so you have support. If they happen to tempt you, create a backup plan.