Smoking Tips You’re Not Doing

guy vaping
As health concerns are on the rise, the movement to help our choices in this era matter more. Let’s take an inside look at how we can evolve from the classic tobacco addition. Nicotine in itself is quite the addiction buddy, and as most would say “the struggle is real”!
Now thanks to this new smoking chapter and trend, there is vaporing. Vaporing has become the healthy alternative to most smokers. Still, to others, they prefer the classic smell and branding. Why? It’s a familiar place, and comfort that is less than ideal to the health. So the question is, how do we quit?
How to Quit Smoking
1) No one, and I mean no one, likes a stinky person around them. Having said that, we all smell you. As you begin the transition, vaporing with the incorporation of nicotine would be a great start. This way you are still going through the familiar smoking motions as well as feeding your nicotine addiction.
2) Bring in family and friends on board for a no-smoking challenge. For example, if you get caught smoking, $150 goes into the smoky piggy bank. Another consequence is you have to pay for all drinks when going out for a week. It’s surprising how useful most people become when there’s a challenge involved.
3) Create a goal. Not one of, go smoke-free for three weeks and celebrate with cheesecake. I’m talking about, six months no smoking, go skydiving, take a trip to Cabo, head over to Napa for a weekend! Something that says “Hey, I did it!”
4) Take up a sport or activity. Go rock climbing, barre, yoga, running, basketball, etc… Keep your mind busy and your lungs rebuilding themselves with every breath.
5) Treat yo self! Not one cigarette all week, Milkshake time! Or spa day! We as humans are the biggest critics, not only on others but ourselves. So take a breath and reward yourself.
Every step you take to a better you will be greatly rewarded! There’s no right way, right step or the exact plan. This is for you, your lungs, your health and a better way of life. One breath at a time!