Choosing Your Nicotine Strengths

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Some questions may strike you when you’re new to the vaping community. Topics like e-juice, vapor production, and even temperature control may sound like an idea from another planet. Still, a vape shop like us is always eager to debunk myths and provide tips to our wonderful readers so that you’re not out of the loop. One suggestion that struck our mind was to write about a “how-to” on nicotine strength. You’d think that it was a straightforward subject, but we disagree.

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How to Choose The Right Nicotine Strength

Too High

When you’re taking in too much nicotine, your body will feel overloaded. Choose a nicotine strength that is parallel to your former tobacco-based cigarettes. Vapors that are highly concentrated on nicotine may provide you with an intense throat hit that dizziness may occur. As a result, you might give up on vaping.

Too Low

Your body can get used to your average nicotine intake. That being said, when you choose a lighter replacement, you’ll find yourself smoking more than usual to compensate for the nicotine loss. Sadly, if this is not sufficed, your body may go to slight withdrawals.

Just the Right Fix

When you find the right nicotine strength for your needs, you’ll be saying “goodbye” to cigarettes! Of course, different e-juices provide a variety of strengths. Here is a safe guideline for you to follow:

  • Extremely High – 36mg
  • Super High – 24 mg
  • High – 16 mg
  • Med – 11 mg
  • Low – 8mg

Of course, some e-juices do not contain nicotine in them. The good news for this option is that you can wean yourself down from extremely high to nicotine-free! 

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