E-Cigs and Vapors are Different

vaping e-cigarettes

To some people, they interchangeably use the word e-cigarettes with vapors, but there is a huge difference between the two items. While some think of an analog that heavily resembles that make of a cigarette, vapors look and tastes a lot more different.

E-Cigarettes are heavily found in gas stations with popular brands like Blu and Vaze all of which are made by RJ Reynolds and Imperial Tobacco.

Vapors on the other hand has a vast community that actually uses them as an alternative to actual cigarettes. Those who has stopped smoking in favor of vaping, in actuality hardly feels the need to use e-cigs. Even vape shop Las Vegas do not carry them in their inventories as there is no need for them, and they are not fitting for the vape community.

E-cigarettes come in cartridges that are pre-filled with very limited flavors and they are very simple in design. Nevertheless, they are still healthier than actual cigarettes. In contrast to this, vapors allows its users to control the amount of vapor produces as well as its power level. Users are also able to control the amount of nicotine released, or in some cases, no nicotine juices are also available.

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