A Habit of Smoking Caused by Addiction

woman breaking a cigarette

Non-smokers may find it difficult to fathom as to how difficult quitting can be. “Just quit,” as some of them would suggest. Still, many of us would beg to differ. You see, the act of quitting is more than just tossing a pack of cigarettes forever. The truth is, there’s more to it than just a habit. Rather, addiction engulf’s cigarette users more than others.

In fact, quitting is sometimes referred to as the hardest thing anyone can do. Some might even say that it’s harder than enduring a climb to the highest mountains or even childbirth. Multiple attempts are typical for some people to be smoke-free. With all this said and done, we all know that smoking has its benefits.

Know the Facts About Addiction

According to the American Lung Association, there is a “three-link chain” associated with the addiction. Those are mental, social and physical components that all work together in a synchronized process.

Mental Component

After years of smoking, it has been part of a daily routine. Many smokers have a certain time to which they would light up a butt, and this can be while they drive or drink coffee. Some will smoke when they feel stressed or even tired. To many, a cigarette has become like a crutch that they can rely on. When you need to stay on track, you should learn what triggers you to light up a cigarette and substitute it with something else.

Social Component

Smokers have developed a social connection with many smokers such as coworkers. They may take smoke breaks as they release some stress from work. Others will use it as a great icebreaker like “got a light?” Still, it’s best to find a social group who will support you on your journey to quitting. In fact, about 80% of people who have stopped smoking says that they owed the success of their support system. So whether it’s a friend or family member, have a buddy you can rely on.

Physical Component

Cigarettes include nicotine that causes the release of dopamine in the system. This is a chemical that makes a smoker feel good. The bitter truth, the effect wears off which means that the smoker feels the need to replenish by taking about a round of puff. Still, hope is not lost as many medications can alleviate the symptoms. Speak to your doctor about your options today.