Healthy Alternatives to Smoking

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For many people, smoking is a one-sided relationship in which tobacco always wins. Parting with it can lead to withdrawals which are far more exasperating than a typical task to quit. For example, if someone decides to stop eating chocolate, they won’t suffer from restlessness, anxiety, or heart palpitation. They might over think about it and cave into the temptation; still, they’re free from withdrawal. What is the notoriety that causes smokers to have a difficult time quitting? The answer lies behind nicotine. While nicotine isn’t harmful in itself, nicotine drives smokers to take a cigarette that contains thousands of toxins.

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Healthy Alternatives to Smoking

Smoke the Vape

Vaping is one of the best alternatives to smoking because you can get the same feel and look to it. But the good news is that vaping does not entail thousands of toxins, unlike cigarettes. Stop by your local vape shop in Las Vegas to learn more about them!

Chew Sugar-Free Gum

Some people would say that smoking is comparable to a pacifier. Why? Well, it’s comforting to them. If you’re a smoker because it brings you that “comfort”, try chewing gum instead. It satiates your cravings to smoke by working your mouth. It also helps with the acidity of the mouth which is perfect for the gums and teeth.

Consume Dark Chocolate

When you consume dark chocolate, you increase your levels of dopamine which is similar to what nicotine can do to the body. What’s the big fuss about dopamine? With it, it causes feelings such as pleasure, joy, and satisfaction. Just try not to overeat it because you may gain weight!

The Runner’s High

Some people smoke because they are stressed which is a shame because there are many ways to relieve stress. One of them is by running. Smokers may find running to be a strenuous activity at first because smoking reduces that capacity of the lungs. However, with persistence and the determination to quit– it is possible!


These are comparable to sugar-free gum. Give your mouth a workout by consistently chewing on something like a toothpick. In fact, there is flavored toothpick designed for chewing. It cleans the teeth and satisfies the oral fix. Surprisingly, these can last up for hours!