The Power of E-Juice

Man enjoying a vape.

E-liquid or e-juice are the bread and butter of all vape shops in Las Vegas. Without it, the innovation of vaping would cease to exist. Atomizer, batteries, and other accessories are robust in their technology. They perform together to make an efficient alternative to smoking. This gateway to a healthy lifestyle is imperative for those who suffer from addiction.

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E-Juices Come in Different Types of Flavors

Cigarettes come with limited flavors such as menthol and mint. If smokers want variety, options are scarce. Cigarette companies know that people get addicted to them so expanding on flavors is not a priority. Why? People will continue to smoke them despite the flavors. Instead, they pack them with thousands of toxins alongside nicotine to keep them in an unhealthy loop.

Still, there is a way to break-free. Vapors give users the option to smoke a variety of flavors while quitting. Did you know that it’s possible to try flavors like hazelnut, spearmint, watermelon, red velvet, blueberry cheesecake and more? The power of vaping gives you a chance to choose.

The Options for Nicotine Strengths

If you want to quit smoking, nicotine can make it hard to shove the habit away. While nicotine is not dangerous, it can drive people to unhealthy lifestyles. With the power of vaping, you can add nicotine to your e-juice to help you quit. Get your fill on nicotine without inhaling toxins to your body by controlling what goes in your e-juice. 

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Play With VG and PG Ratios

In every e-juice comes with propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). Sometimes, they come with both. The more PG your solution has, the better the flavor is. E-liquids with more VG tend to have more vapor production which is ideal for cool smoke tricks.

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Vaping gives you the power to choose without the unhealthy lifestyle. Choose from flavors to strengths in nicotine as the power is all up to you. For more information about vaping, stop over to our vape shop in Las Vegas!