It’s Been Proven; Vaping is Safer

man vaping

Every so often, we’ll read a study that has to conclude the opposite of whatever was proven the article before it. With this cycle, it’s easy to get confused especially when you’re new in the business. The popularity of vaping has exploded within many communities that have led people to make their own opinions about it. Is it good or is it bad? To no surprise, it has gained a similar rep to its counterpart which is cigarettes.

The Misconception Ends Now

To the majority of our research, we’ve been flooded by many of those who have condoned the idea of using vapors. This was after a conclusion of many long-term studies. The misconception is later debunked in modern studies as the latter was tested on either cell models or animals.

Studied that were funded by Cancer Research UK showed promising results as they explored the effects of long-term usages in vaping. Interestingly enough, this was based on long-term, exposure to the human body.

There Were Five Groups

The study covered five major groups: current smokers who use NRT or e-cigs, former smokers who uses nicotine replacement therapy, former smokers who switched to e-cigs, combustible cigarette users, and current cigarette smokers.

They have summed up that NRT-only and e-cigarette users have lower levels of carcinogen compared to those who use cigarettes and e-cigs, cigarettes and NRT, and cigarettes only.

There were 181 participants in the study, and their saliva and urine were tested. In the research, they found that NNAL, which is a chemical that’s associated with cancer, was 97.5 percent lower in former smokers who now vape than those who are still smoking conventional cigarettes.