Is E-Cigarettes Safe to Smoke While Pregnant?

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We already know that smoking while pregnant is dangerous for both the mother and her child. While smoking is rather harmful, is there an alternative to smoking?

When you think about it, tobacco contains about 4,000 toxins. Alternatives like e-cigarettes include water, propylene glycol and in some cases, nicotine; That’s less than ten ingredients in one butt. If you think about it, e-cigarettes are less harmful than the latter. Still, no concrete evidence are found making e-cigarettes to be 100% safe for women who are pregnant. Only a few accounts document the link between pregnancy and e-cigarettes which leaves us to question the research.

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Additionally, we need more research conducted by medical professionals to understand the long-term safety and efficacy of e-cigarettes. Still, we know that nicotine affects the fetus in a way that impedes its full potential to grow. Why is nicotine so dangerous? For one thing, it constricts the mother’s blood vessels to the point that the child isn’t getting the proper nutrients through the placenta. This is why any nicotine intake puts the mother and her child at risk.

In fact, many studies show that there is a link between obesity and fetal nicotine exposure. Those who use nicotine replacements tends to have smaller babies. Nicotine also affects the child’s liver to the point that it produces more triglycerides– a sure sign of obesity.

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Still, there is that question of nicotine in an e-cigarette. Are those safe to consume? Many studies show that in many cases, we can’t always trust the label. Why? Sometimes nicotine concentration might be higher than what the label indicates. In fact, some e-cigarettes that are labeled to contain no nicotine had low amounts of it.

Again, we lack conclusive data between pregnancy and electronic cigarettes. But one thing is for sure, the use of e-cigarette is not as harmful in comparison to real cigarettes. Some pregnant women continue to smoke knowing the consequence to their unborn child. Why? Perhaps, it’s the lack of self-control. If you put this scenario into place, using e-cigarettes may be the solution to smoking. However, we strongly suggest to use it with caution!