Super Awesome Smoke Tricks You Need to Learn Now!

Smoke tricks are a fun way to amaze friends.

Vaping is one of the biggest fads in today’s generation, and we’re really hoping that it sticks. There’s nothing like kicking the habit of smoking than turning to vapors for help! Still, no matter what your preference is in smoking, picking up a couple of tricks are good bragging rights! Impress friends and family with these simple how-to techniques.
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Getting Thick Clouds
You want to practice this trick in a room with little air flow. Fans blowing in the room may interfere with this trick causing unrecognizable effort. Having said that, veer away from windows, air conditioners, fans or crowded rooms.

Work on maintaining the smoke in your mouth. Why? If you breathe it in, the smoke will begin to dissipate into the lungs making them weaker and thinner. Slightly, puff out your cheeks and take short breaths in. Try and take about four fragments of inhales instead of big ones.
Exhaling slowly retains the smoke together which aids in creating thicker clouds. Practice exhaling in a managed stream, instead of forcing it out.
Joints and blunts tend to create thicker smoke from the burning paper. Additionally, vapors with high vapor contents are suitable for thick smoking tricks. Bongs and pipes that’re incorporated with water are the most difficult to for smoke tricks.

Double Inhalations or Ghosting
Once you’ve learned how to get thick clouds, you’re on your way to learning how to “ghost.” Take a drag and maintain the smoke inside your mouth. The trick is easy to practice when the smoke isn’t “dragged” into the lungs.
Slowly exhale the content, but don’t smoke too far out of the mouth. Do this by opening your mouth halfway and smoke it out for about 2 seconds. You naturally want the smoke to escape by itself.
When the cloud is about 2 inches away from your mouth, swiftly suck it back inside. You may want to move your head towards the direction of the cloud for easy navigation. To get a powerful suction, keep your lips close together when inhaling.