7 Ex-Smokers Tips to Quitting

Image of a woman who quit smoking.

Thanks to nicotine, veering away from smoking just got harder. Thanks to its addictive nature, smokers continue to succumb to temptation. While nicotine is not dangerous in its stand-alone form, toxins added to cigarettes are. Nevertheless, smokers welcome harmful chemicals into their lungs that tend to linger for years. Cigarettes are designed down to the science. From effectivity to addiction, it’s manufacturers have no desire to stop. While quitting may seem like the impossible, it’s not. The following are tips from ex-smokers who believe you can do it too:

  1. Delay the habit. I used to smoke right after I wake up. I tried to push it back to 9 a.m. until I was able to reduce the cravings to late afternoon. Since then, the temptations were tremendously reduced. -Jackson Regal
  2. Cigarettes are expensive. It’s been a dream to travel the nation, but I never had the fund to support this desire. When I calculated how much I spend on cigarettes, I realized that I could’ve gone to at least three vacations already. Now, I just put my money in my savings. -Sean Roberts
  3. I vape instead. Vaping helped me curve the cravings. It has nicotine without the added toxins that are bad for the health. I slowly decreased my nicotine intake until I successfully eliminated the use of it. -Justin Lim
  4. My family matters. I’m the breadwinner of the household. My wife stays home to take care of the children while I work. I want my kids to grow up with a father, and I don’t want my wife to struggle financially. When you really love the people in your life, you’ll do anything to protect them even if that means your habits go last. -Jay Alvarado
  5. My support group helped me. It’s nice to turn to people who are going through the same predicament. Many community centers around my area offer low costs or free programs which have helped me every step of the way. -Rochelle Nichols
  6. Keep busy. Every time I craved a cigarette, I got up and kept myself busy. I went for a jog, watched a movie, rode a bike, etc… I did whatever I could to forget about it! -Bryan Smith
  7. Don’t go cold-turkey. I tried going cold turkey, but the withdrawals got the best of me. Instead, I took it one day at a time until I reduced my intake. It’s been three years since my last cigarette. I feel so liberated. -John Schaller