The Beginning of Tax Hike on Cigarettes

Man smoking a cigarette.

What do you all think about tax hikes on cigarettes? While it’s not happening here in Las Vegas, it is becoming a reality in Pennsylvania. As of August 8, 2016, cigarette taxes will increase for a buck more per pack. If there’s any more reason to quit smoking, this is the best time.

Before the tax hike, cigarettes used to be $1.60, but it will push for $2.60. A pack will now cost an average of $7 or more instead of $6. Since 1935, this was the largest tax hike that Pennsylvania implemented towards the state’s smokers.

This was a huge step for addressing Pennsylvania’s damaged credit rating as Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and Republican-controlled legislature led the tax hike.

To some one-pack-a-day smokers, the tax rise would not affect their habit as they plan to continue smoking. Some say, “it is what it is.” Others are more optimistic as they compare states like New York who charges $7-$9 per pack. “It could be worse,” one smoker added.

Still, some smokers are not fond of the target as they feel that lawmakers have another way to reform. Others have voiced their opinions by saying that lawmakers are taking advantage of people’s habits. Many resolutions could’ve been done, but it seems like the cigarette tax hike was the easiest resort.

Those who live along the Pennsylvania borders now have a reason to visit neighboring states to purchase cheaper cigarette packs. Along with that, gas is also bought since the state currently holds the highest gas tax in the nation.
What does this mean to smokers in Nevada? Will cigarette taxes be implemented in the near future? If so, will others resort to quitting or continue to feed their habits? Only time will tell as taxes don’t seem to stay stagnant.