The Throat Hit Explained

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Many smokers can all relate to the throat hit. When you feel it, you’ll know what we’re talking about. What exactly is it? It’s a sensation you feel that’s caused by nicotine after it’s inhaled.

This feeling ranges from smooth satisfaction to intolerably unpleasant. Those who have tried cigar can testify that the feeling is worst when using it.

People who resort to vaping after years of smoking look for the throat hit. To some, the sensation is nonexistent while others can really feel it be pronounced. Still, all this is based on personal preference.

I don’t want the throat hit. How do I get less of it?

There are two different options for this. First, you can lower your nicotine concentration liquid. When doing this, you may want to try a high-powered vapor that can still give you similar qualities of nicotine without the sensation. Another way to feel less of it is by using an e-juice that is high in PH liquid. At that point, citric flavors might just do the trick.

What if I want the throat hit minus the nicotine?

The bottom line, it’s nearly impossible. The throat hit is caused by nicotine’s distinct properties which cause the muscles of the throat to contract. No other chemical related to vaping can do this phenomenon.

Are their vape sensations?

The throat hit is not the only thing that is oddly satisfying about vaping. Vapers seek other things like the perfect blend of flavor and hit. The volume and warmth of the puff also come into factor. If this is what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to try combinations!