Is Nicotine Harmful?

Tabasco smoke

It’s a no-brainer that smoking is unhealthy. It is one of the leading causes of premature death with risks like lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, and many other respiratory ailments. But when people hear about nicotine, they associate it to smoking which is heavily defamed by many.

As a matter of fact, nicotine has nothing to do with the ailments mentioned above. Rather, it is the many chemicals found in a lighted cigarette that causes more the damage than nicotine itself.

What exactly is nicotine?

We can easily compare nicotine to caffeine as they are both types of stimulants. They naturally occur in many roots and plants like the potato. Nicotine is found in these naturally occurring matter as a type of deterrent to shoo away insects. So, in some ways, you can easily label nicotine as a type of insecticide. Unlike insecticides made by man, they are not actually harmful when consumed by humans.

Nicotine isn’t harmful, so what’s the big idea?

The chemicals that are found in a cigarette are actually the ones that are causing diseases. In fact, when lighting a cigarette, tar– yes, as in the substance found in roads– accumulates in the lungs over time. Respiratory ailments such as the smoker’s cough is responsible by this.

Additionally, about 7,000+ chemicals are incorporated in a single stick of cigarette. About 70 of those chemicals are carcinogens that may cause cancer. Ammonia, cyanide, and acetylene, are just some troubling ingredients found in cigarettes.

Nicotine and Vaping

Just like caffeine, nicotine is a stimulant that can cause an individual to get addicted. But unlike cigarettes, vape e-juices do not contain harmful chemicals to enjoy them. Nicotine is an additive that is incorporated in vapors to help smokers assimilate from cigarettes to vaping without the health risks.

Vaping Without Nicotine

Vaping is not just an alternative. In many vaping communities, smoking vapors is a hobby. It tastes, smells, and looks cool. Smoke clouds and vaping tricks are intriguing for many. That being said, there are many e-juices that are available without nicotine. This means that people can enjoy vaping without the risk of getting addicted. Compare it to decaffeinated coffee. People consume them with ease without the stimulation that caffeine gives.