Vaping Do’s

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We’ve come across many newbies that have general questions on how to work with their mods. We thought that we should come up with some vaping do’s to clear some confusion out there. So, let’s get started!

Figure out why you’re transition from smoking to vaping.

The fact that vapors do not contain any¬†poisonous products speaks volumes as is. In a single e-liquid, you’ll find propylene glycol, nicotine, food-grade flavoring, vegetable glycerin, and water. None of these items mentioned above causes cancer unlike the 60 ingredients out of the 4000 found in a single cigarette. The use of cigarettes over time causes many complications in the body whereas vapors do not.

Have a backup battery with you at all times!

The fun part about vaping is that you don’t need a lighter to use it, but the product does work on batteries which means that eventually, your mod will run low on energy. Purchase at least two batteries in the event that your current battery dies, you can easily replace it. When shifting from smoking to vaping, an individual without backup battery is at risk from a relapse.

Care for your e-liquid.

Do not have your e-juice exposed to any sun as it can change the flavor. And if there are children around, always have a childproof cap so that they cannot tamper with the e-juice. Shake the e-juice for balance.

Work with customized vaporizers.

When you’re in need for a “throat hit”, choose a level of nicotine that is higher. Or you can simply go with an atomizer that has an adjustable voltage along with its battery. A PG based e-juice also does the trick and it is better in flavor.

Keep in mind that vaping is not the same as smoking!

Smoking is so much more different than vaping. You will no longer reach for a lighter or look for an ashtray. You’re also liberated from stepping out of the room just to get some fresh air to smoke. Vaping makes it easy by giving you the control of how much nicotine level you you intake. And there are even some that do not have it.