Vaping in a Wrap

vaping in the dark

Did you know that a smokeless vapor was made by an inventor named Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963? This fascinating devices was created, but it was not commercialized to the public. Nowadays, vaping has become a fad that has been popularized by the Chinese whose population is 60% male smokers.

The latest vapor was patented by an inventor named Hon Lik in 2003.

Vapors or sometimes known as e-cigarettes come in disposable inhaler that contains polyethylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavoring. When inhaled, a sensor is triggered causing its vaporizer to heat up a tidbit of flavoring. The liquid flavoring changes to vapor that is sucked by the mouth.

The practice of vaping cannot be comparable to hookah or water pipe since they are completely different from one another. The use of hookah differs from e-cigarettes since a charred mix of molasses and tobacco is drawn via water in order to chill the smoke. Unfortunately, burning tobacco and inhaling it to the lungs may cause respiratory problems.
On the other hand, the innovation of vaping gives the privilege of its user to smoke without burning anything. Because the mixture of liquid is vaporized, e-cigarettes does not contain harmful chemicals that is normally found in cigarettes and hookahs.