3 Vaping Methods You Should Know

vape smoke

Here at our vape shop, we’ve talked to people who has made the switch from smoking to vaping. While many are open to this type of alternative, we’ve noticed that some individuals just can’t get the hang of vaping.

We’ve heard of many excuses under the sun, and we’ve noticed that there’s some pattern to this notion. We quit smoking months ago, and we haven’t thought about succumbing to temptation at all. Nevertheless, some people have said, “I’ve tried vaping before… But I just couldn’t switch.” We retort, “why?”, and we found that the issue lies behind vaping and coughing.

How to Vape Properly

Method One

We think that it takes a few days actually to learn how to vape properly. That being said, patience is key to any method. If we were to compare vaping, we think it’s safe to say that it’s a bit like smoking a cigar. The proper way to do it is to fill the mouth with vapor, and once it is full, remove the device and exhale.

It is important to note that sucking is not a method of vaping. Smokers who are making the switch usually get this part confused as they want to reach a “lung hit” just like a cigarette that averages about two seconds. However, vaping is gentle and slow with inhalation that takes about five seconds.

Method Two

One other popular method is called the “French Inhale.” This is when an individual fills their mouth with vapor then it streams from the mouth to the nose. Once a user knows how to execute this method, we believe that they know the basics of method one.

Method Three

An “underwater method” is when you hold your mouth open as if you are underwater. To do this, close your throat and then your lips on the mod and gently draw the vapor out. You can solely fill up your mouth with vape clouds using this method.