A Vaper’s Mistake


You recently purchased your new vaping device, and you’re ready to embark on an incredible journey. You’ve ordered the e-juice, spare tank, and replacement coils– so you’re waiting for them in the mail! Because of this, we’re beyond proud! We’re so happy that you’re going to be a part of an awesome community that is open to change and a resolution to smoking. Still, we want you to know about the biggest mistake new vapers make! We think you’ll thank us for this in the future.

No Back-up

This is a vaper’s worst nightmare! There’s nothing more irritating than to realize that you can’t vape simply because they don’t have an extra supply for it. So what do you do? Buy yourself a backup! And we mean for everything. If you’re running out of e-juice, we suggest never to go low on your supply, because you will find yourself searching for extras.

Carrying Too Much

Okay, there are two extremes when it comes to people in the vaping community. Those who pack too little and those who pack WAY too much. If you’re hauling extra supplies like spare coils, e-juice, batteries, ditch them! Have a spare in the car, but never bring them along with you. They’re bulky, and they prevent you from enjoying the fun.

Not Having an Extra Vaping Device

When you opt for a backup device, you want something light. Now, you don’t necessarily want your backup to match the performance of your original one. Otherwise, you’d be hauling a bulk. For example, if your vape is 30 watts on 6mg of vape, you may want to go with something that will work with 10 watts and contain 18mg liquid. Why? Because they’re small, and they have better battery power, but just the right amount of nicotine.