Vaping Temperature Control

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Gone are the days when you suffer from a dry hit, and say “goodbye” to burning wicks found in your coil! No long will you have to replace them at the worst possible times! Just like you, we’re annoyed of our vaporizers that are just plain hot. The good news is that because of the advanced temperature control, it has become comfortable to use vapors without the unnecessary burn! Temperature control is the next best thing to reduce nicotine intake by making a way to limit the temperature of the coils.

An Overview of Temperature Control Vaping

Using the Temperature Control setting allows users to set a value in which the temperature will not exceed. Call it a thermostat if you must, but the TC works by detecting when the coil has reached the assigned temperature value. This acts as a restriction that cuts off the power towards the coil to limit the temperature below the preset value. The benefit of TC is that it caters to every user whether they prefer big inhales, small inhales, straight to the lungs inhalation and more.

Recommended Temperature

With many vapor settings, we always recommend users to start with the lowest and working your way up to what comforts your needs. Almost like working your way up with the wattage settings but, this time, you’re focusing on the temperature control. The most common temperature that caters most people ranges from 392-480 degrees Fahrenheit. Often these settings are set to increments of 10 degrees Fahrenheit.


Coils that are made of Titanium and Nickel should not be used in vaping when the TC feature is not incorporated. This is because they are designed for to wrap in minuscule resistances. Also, they should not be dry fired for a long period, but pulsing the coil occasionally by TC is possible with relative safety.