Vaping Don’ts

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If you’re new to the vaping community, you might have questions on vaping do’s and don’ts. What’s the right or wrong way to vape? Here at Vapor Rage, we’re here to lay out of all of your questions one blog entry at a time! So, for today’s topic, we’re talking about vaping don’ts!

#1 Rule: Don’t Give up on Vaping!

Chargers from other companies– Because vaping comes in varieties, not all of them use the same batteries for each mods. In fact, when mixing different chargers, this can potentially damage your device or worse, an explosion. We highly suggest to use batteries that are provided with your kit. If they need to be replaced, use the same type of battery from the same brand.

Vaping is different– The power of vaping is different¬†from smoking, but keep in mind that the power of vape gives you options to try out different types of flavors. Because vaping comes in variety, it is impossible not to mimic a property of flavor and “feel” of your favored cigarette. Don’t be afraid to try everything that vaping has to offer!

No to soaps and cleaners– Your battery and tanks should not be cleaned with regular cleaners or soap. Instead, use a cotton swab that has been dampened with alcohol. Try no to overfill the tank with too much e-liquid since it can cause your atomizer to get saturated leaving surfaces messy. In addition, don’t over-tighten your connections such as battery, tanks, and atomizer.

Level of nicotine– Don’t just go with a fixed level of nicotine. The advantage of vaping is that you can control how much nicotine you can have according to your emotional, psychological, and physical needs. While some users may need 34mg/mL, some might need just half of that. So, make sure to play with the nicotine level and see which one works best for you.