Vegetable Glycerin vs Propylene Glycol E-Juices

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Here at our vape shop, we get asked about the difference between vegetable glycerin and propylene glycerin on a daily basis. The distinction can be quite confusing, so we’re here to clarify the whole thing for you. First things first, we will be referring to propylene glycerin as PG and Vegetable Glycerin as VG for simplicity.

Typically, e-juices are only composed of four simple ingredients: PG or VG, water, nicotine, and flavoring. About 10% of e-juices contain flavoring and nicotine, and the rest are a combination of PG or VG and water. To understand the differences between the two, we will be referring to 100% VG and PG content.

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Overview of Propylene Glycol (PG)

In its purest form, Propylene Glycol is an organic compound derived from Propylene Oxide. Its property is odorless, low viscosity and colorless. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration dubbed this compound safe as a food grade. You can find PG used as a humectant, solvents, tobacco products, food preservatives, pharmaceutical, and e-juice.

Overview of Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Vegetable Glycerin is extracted from plant-based oils like coconut, palm and soy. It is an all-natural liquid with properties that are relatively viscous, odorless and colorless. Just like PG, it is considered to be safe for consumption as a food grade by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. VG is commonly used for food production, cosmetics and e-juice.

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Propylene Glycol as an E-Juice

PG is the most preferred base by many vapers. The reason lies behind a lower viscosity content than VG, which makes it simple to fill a cartomizer, atomizer or cartomizer. If you’re afraid of gunk build up, PG is the best base for you because it is low density. In addition to this, wick materials and polyfill fabrics absorb them a lot faster.

As mentioned before, PG is odorless and tasteless which makes it the best candidate for little to no flavor distortion. Because of this, e-juices incorporated with PG tends to have a more concentrated flavor and higher throat hit compared to VG. PG tends to reach a state vaporization faster which makes it feel warmer and enjoyable to the taste. However, due to its low viscosity, it tends to produce lower-dense vape clouds.

Vegetable Glycerin as an E-Juice

VG is not as popular as PG since it has a higher viscosity. However, vapers who enjoy creating highly dense smoke clouds use this e-juice base. This is ideal for many beginners since VG produces a less throat hit. Unlike PG, VG is slightly flavored which tampers with added flavoring; This, in turn, creates a sweeter content. Compared to PG, VG has a tendency to deliver dry flavors as well as gunk build ups.

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